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Dr Saurabh Kumar is an experienced multi-specialist Homeopathy Doctor based in Indore, India with experience of more than 15 years. He had successfully treated patient suffering from severe acute and chronic disease like migraine, eczema, hair loss ,chronic kidney disease ,diabetes and it is complication varicose vein , GERD, brain tumor, Asthma ,fibroid ,peptic and gastric ulcer, sexual disorder, mental disorder and list goes and on.

Dr Saurabh Kumar is a medical Researcher through his student life and also being the chief editor for Scientific Homeopathic Newspaper "homeo express" for several years. He is also an author of many Homeopathic books.

In the past 15 years he has treated over 10000 of cases from all over the world . His understanding of disease and medicine makes a Benchmark for homeopathy.

Dr Kumar was also elected as a speaker in many National and International homeopathic seminars at a very young age. His work as a Homeopathic Speaker is remarkable ( more than 300 seminars)

Indian Patient Consultation Fee- 500/-

International Patient fees $75